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With a huge living room opening on a generous terrace, Rigas apartment was the kind of space that just thrills any interior designer upon first sight. So much potential ready to blossom, so many ideas to be ignited. Annterior was delighted to bring forth a contemporary take on this typically 1930s Bucharest interior.

True to our restoration credo, Annterior revitalized everything that could be saved – not much, alas - the wrought iron radiator covers and two veneered doors. The original parquet flooring was beyond salvation, replaced with new solid oak. Some reshuffling occurred - the big open space now accommodates the kitchen, the former ugly kitchen becomes a second bedroom. 

The atmosphere is rarefied and stylish, with a hint to the Art Deco history of the building. Half of the furniture and lighting is vintage, which gives a timeless quality to the whole interior. On the walls colors are present, although in their pastel version, only to bring depth and freshness to the natural materials that structure the space: the wood in the floors and furniture, the marble in the long countertop, shelf and coffee table. 

Annterior deeply believes in the power of art to bring together and elevate a space. Therefore, the cherry on the cake of this sweet renovation, the contemporary artworks round up the space and speak about its unique story. 

A delightful premiere was Annterior’s collaboration with Primitiv Plants, a young landscape design brand. Luminita, an enthusiast of the New Perennial Movement, created a jaw dropping lush garden whose wilder aesthetic is abstracting the patterns and rhythms found in nature.


2 Bedroom Rooftop flat




September 2019


Anna Chitan/Maria Farcas


Cătălin Georgescu

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