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2 Bedrooms Flat

110 sqm




2021 - 2023


Anna Chitan &

Maria Farcas

Cerc Studio


Catalin Georgescu

I met Anna and Maria through their vintage store Heartwood when I was purchasing some items for the apartment I had rented when I first reallocated to Bucharest. I kept following their work both at Heartwood and also Annterior, so by the time I decided to buy and renovate, there was no doubt they were my first choice to partner with on the project, as it was clear we share very similar esthetics and the love for vintage.

This similar sense of style was the cornerstone of our successful cooperation.
Of course, it’s not possible to always be in agreement and we had several instances when our opinions did not match initially. However Anna and Maria clearly understood when I was insisting on certain practical aspects and I was able to trust them with their “out of the box” proposals, because I already had confidence in their work.

So, if I ever embark on the journey or renovating a property again, I will for sure ask them to do it, but in the meantime I hope we stay in touch as the friends they have become to me.

Antonii M.

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