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Who doesn’t like a challenge when one stumbles upon it? End of December 2019 (not the most propitious month to embark on an interior design project) Annterior said yes to snap-designing an 80 sqm apartment with final destination long time rent. Conditions: tight budget, limited time frame and, the real provocation, working with existing finishes: flooring, wall and floor tiles in the bathrooms, doors and windows, electrical circuit. Needless to say, none of our choice.

When structural changes can’t be made, paint becomes a designer’s best friend. The hallway turns into a dark capsule with walls, ceiling and wardrobe doors covered in the same shade of teal blue. In the living room, the ceiling is dipped in a darker shade of grey that erases away the unaesthetic concrete beams intersecting chaotically. In the bathrooms, the wall tiles remain, alas, either painted over directly or covered in painted wall panelling.

A number of other various tricks were performed: hiding an ordinary low radiator under a long metal step that becomes an inviting bench, adjusting pendant lamps by lengthening electrical cables and fixing them over the right spots, matching the color of the curtains with the exact shade on the walls etc. In the end, the space bears Annterior’s signature style: a mix of modernist lines and atmospheric coziness, warmed by sophisticated vintage pieces and the glow of beautiful art.


2 Bedrooms flat






Anna Chitan/Maria Farcas


Alexandru Rosieanu

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